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4 x 4 Fun Days – FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH  (closed Jan, Feb and Mar)


As the situation stands at the moment, we intend to open for our pay and play days on Sunday the 5th of July at 10 AM till 5PM. We will of course be showing some caution but look forward to seeing everyone.

The site is looking good after some repairs that have been made during the enforced break!

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Friendly, off road events in a relaxed atmosphere

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Acres of Challenging Terrain – Deep Mud, Holes, Steep Slopes , Water Crossings.

  • Tea van
  • Toilet
  • Different routes – Difficult, Very Difficult

FREE Tractor Recovery

£35 per vehicle

Please read our site rules before attending

Pleased to see Piccadilly Wood featured on Front Cover “Total Off Road” November issue and pages 56-59.


  1. keeleyjane permalink 4 June, 2017

    absolutely loved it

  2. James permalink 9 December, 2014

    Fantastic, my first offroad day. What a crazy place in the mud!! Well organised and everyone was very friendly if a little mad. Most fun you can have with your clothes on!! Thanks to all!

  3. andrew phillips permalink 13 October, 2014

    Can a series2a land rover get on and round the site

    • organiser permalink 13 October, 2014

      Yes it would be fine as long as you have good mud tyres. As I am sure you have seen from the photos we are a very muddy site !!! Look forward to seeing you sometime. We have a play day on the first Sunday of every month.

  4. Steve Compton permalink 10 September, 2014

    Had a great day on Sunday, now I know what all the gears ratios are for etc etc…
    I’ve pur some mud tyres and a winch on my shopping list too!
    Great site, very friendly and helpful people!

    • organiser permalink 17 September, 2014

      Really pleased to hear you had a good day. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  5. organiser permalink 10 April, 2013

    Its mainly about the tyres – good mud tyres needed, see out web site for latest pics.

  6. organiser permalink 5 March, 2013

    Not quite sure what you mean by a buggie ?? Noise is the only thing we would be concerned about, so as long as its not noisy cannot see we would have a problem

    • organiser permalink 5 March, 2013

      Yes I would agree our site is very muddy and great fun. Bud sadly I dont think your vehicle would be able to negotiate the huge ruts as it is so close to the ground. We do have a speed limit of 10 mph and the course is not speed orientated. The course consists of very deep mud and difficult obstacles.

  7. kieran permalink 1 September, 2012

    is it the same price for quad bikes please let me no asap thanks

  8. lewis permalink 25 August, 2012

    are quad bike allowed to this pay and play days ????

  9. glenn and paula permalink 3 June, 2012

    Had a brilliant day 1st time will go every month and can we get pictures that was taken thank a lot glenn and paula (blue vitara)

    • organiser permalink 4 June, 2012

      The photos we took will be on the site in a few hours, Liz Barber tel no 07926058699 also took photos which will be on the site in a few days. Lovely to see new friends all the time and to know that they enjoyed the day.

  10. scottie permalink 1 April, 2012

    Paid my first visit today to you very nice site

    I came away with a pleasant feeling. A nice place to play nice people too.

    Next time I come I will bring the hilux just to add some fun to the land rover excitement

    Many thanks for a great day

    Scottie in the orange LADA

  11. lee permalink 5 March, 2012

    thanks very much great day out will be there next month
    all nice guys and very helpfull

  12. ollie permalink 6 February, 2012

    thanks very much, well organised event, cracking day out

  13. adam, kim, mick n nick permalink 4 December, 2011

    04/12/11 The station garage boys ,we came we saw,we drove we were defeated but we will be back better equipped and prepared to conquer!

  14. Max Hutchings permalink 4 December, 2011

    Great day today, cheers to the lads theat helped us put the defender back on4 wheels. Once again great day, good corse, LOTS OF MUD!

  15. STAN permalink 6 November, 2011

    hi all what a day that was it is all ways good at your site.
    it gets beter and beter thanks for a very good again.
    hope to be back soon

  16. Dominic Jennings permalink 5 July, 2011

    i would like to say thank to everyone who organise the event and a thanks to the lads in the range rover for putting my suzuki back on it wheels instead of its side.

  17. Dominic Jennings permalink 5 June, 2011

    thanks again to all the people that sort these events out, today was the first time i took my suzuki around the course and love every minute. great day off-roading. FUDDY MUCKER

  18. Robin permalink 1 May, 2011

    Well it was our first time to Piccadilly Wood and it didn’t dissapoint!! John, Dick, Jess and myself had an awesome time today, great weather and was even wet and muddy in places still!!
    I was the one that nearly lost his rear wheel, fortunately the sledge hammering back on seemed to do the trick! made it all the way back to Uckfield without it falling off! Thanks to the chap that lent us the sledge hammer..
    We’ll be back no doubt and in the meantime I’ll post some vids and pics we took

  19. Mark Stevens permalink 6 March, 2011

    Hi everyone at Piccadilly Wood.
    We had a great day today(March), only needed the tractor twice!!
    Great day, great people, well organised will be back soon.

    All the best Mark

  20. sam a permalink 7 February, 2011

    been many times but felt sunday just gone was the best very muddy the v8 loved it did whole day with out having to be pulled out once top site : )

  21. Dominic Jennings permalink 5 December, 2010

    so much fun, going next mouth with my suzuki sj410 for a play. thank you to everyone who is envolved

  22. stan permalink 18 November, 2010

    hi all thanks for a good time the club had a very good day and we will all be back soon
    this site is very good and you are doing a good job
    keep up the good work will see you all soon
    thanks from all the TKORC

  23. andy jennings permalink 7 November, 2010

    first time out today FANTASTIC!!! got stuck once ,big big thanks to the boys in the jeep for winching me out .Has to be a must do thing every month

  24. Jon permalink 4 October, 2010

    Went to Piccadilly wood yesterday for my first ever pay and play day, I thought it was excellent with a good mix of terrain and obstacles!

    It does nicely throw you in at the deep end, forcing you to really try out what your truck can do, had to get winched out twice and towed once, thanks for that guys!

    Will definitely be there next month!

  25. amber and joe permalink 3 October, 2010

    This is are fav 4×4 site it is a big one with lots of places to get stuck and try out we try and go every last day of the month, we have been trying some new places but none are as good as piccadilly wood!

    • organiser permalink 5 October, 2010

      Thanks for your great comments, just a note though our site is always the FIRST SUNDAY of every month.

  26. Liam permalink 5 September, 2010

    Had the beet day in ages. Been to many off road tracks and this was quality. Well looked after, nice food and every person that attended the track helped each other. Roll on next month.

  27. Dom permalink 4 August, 2010

    Video compilation of last weekend’s antics…. Enjoy!


  28. martyn permalink 13 July, 2010

    just wondering if you are putting up the pics from june 2010

    • organiser permalink 15 July, 2010

      Hi Martyn, Due to problems with our web site we do not have any photos of June, but glad to say we are now up and running and Julys photos will be on the web site within a few days. apologies.

  29. john boy316 permalink 8 July, 2010

    went to the track first time this weekend to have a look ended up taking my fourtrak round great track cant wait for abit of rain to make the track nice and muddy be back in august with my sj

  30. barney gould permalink 4 July, 2010

    went there today, had a bit of engine trouble with the range rover, got it sorted and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day, nice people, helpfull marshall. will be back again, track is as good as always, highley recomended. thanks for the great day!

  31. Oscar Woolgar permalink 4 May, 2009

    the terrain was very challenging and i would highly recommend the site to any atv or 4×4 enthusiast !!

  32. Stan Noon permalink 8 March, 2008

    It was very good. Thanks will be coming again

  33. Mark Edwards permalink 11 February, 2008

    ‘First time I’ve been to this site. I live fairly close and for a change, didn’t know anyone there but everyone from other users to organisers to caters – everyone was nice, polite, kind and honest which doesn’t happen often. Site wise, its a great site from easy to hard. Constructive feedback would definitely be an easy track to get back’

  34. Ben Bracey permalink 10 February, 2008

    I Thought It Was Excellent; I Have Uploaded Some Videos On Youtube; Type In Piccadilly Woods And Then It Is The Top Few

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