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4X4 Off-road fun day events at Piccadillywood………

Set in 40 acres of challenging terrain.
Lots of serious mud and difficult water crossings.

A difficult but great site for the serious off-roader

Set in a wooded valley with lakes running through the centre. Lots to explore – steep slopes. No set route, free to go anywhere, but please make sure you do not tackle anything beyond your ability.

Piccadilly Wood has been up and running for many years and  judging by the many regulars who come every month there always  plenty to do.

We are very strict on noise and silencers must be fitted on all participating cars.

Please note your standard car insurance will not cover you at these events, and any damage to vehicles or persons in them is undertaken at your own risk. On admission all drivers will be required to sign a disclaimer.

We would ask you to especially be quiet on entering and leaving the site as the entrance is situated very close to houses.

The favourite place to congregate around seems to be the tea van where there is usually a blazing fire to welcome you and lots of like minded people to swap stories with, a good place to ‘spy’ out the land.!!

We also cater for quad bikes, helmets must be worn at all times. Safety is of paramount importance.


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